Businesses increasingly face competitive markets and increasingly face very rapid change caused by the fast rate of development of new technologies. New opportunities have arisen while traditional business models are losing market share. In this environment, companies often need to reorganize and restructure their operations and capital structure. Some companies will even need to reconsider their overall strategy and setup new goals. Nemera Capital Advisors helps clients identify and evaluate opportunities as well as support them in achieving positive and superior returns.

Forecasting the future and strategic planning have become an increasingly complicated process. We support our clients in making strategic and tactical plans. We help clients understand how financial models and simulations impact the strategic decisions for the business. Our expertise covers a vast array of financial disciplines from basic cash flow forecasting, through acquisitions and divestments, to capital investment appraisals, capital structure strategies and fund raising.

Our highly experienced team helps:

  • Private shareholders maximise wealth on preparing for the sale of their businesses and acquisition support services for both private equity and corporate acquirers.
  • Management teams on negotiating terms and raising private equity and debt finance to support a management buyout or buy-in.
  • Corporate and private shareholders on raising private equity and/or debt finance for growth, cashing-out or recapitalisations.
  • Corporate and private shareholders in debt restructurings including debt for equity swaps and recapitalisations.

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