About Us

Our firm’s focus is on disruption through innovation and technology in investment banking. We recognize the need to disrupt the current status-quo in the financial sector and understand the importance of a financial firm’s existence in the 21st century as an enabler of new business. We aim to provide creative and innovative solutions to valuing assets, securities and businesses of the most illiquid and complex nature. We have gathered some of the industry’s most advanced new thinkers and intellectuals and attempt to push the boundaries of conventional thinking across multiple financial disciplines.

Our DNA is truly global, we believe talent and intellect are universal traits, not cultural ones. Our firm is, as a result, global from the start and counts as many nationalities as we have people. We mix financial disciplines and industry exposures in order to create a more stimulating and proactive idea generation process. More importantly we leverage fully, the wealth of information and perspectives available to us across the globe.

We believe it is not sufficient to identify conflicts of interest in business, but aligning interests is a cornerstone of business. Our focus is on empowering our clients through uncompromised delivery of high quality, intelligent financial services. We provide clients with an edge by ensuring innovative financial prospects and uncover new options available to them. We aim, when possible, to create new avenues for resolution to complex issues.

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